What You Need to Know About Premises Liability in California

If you or a loved one gets injured on somebody else’s property, you need to know a little bit about premises liability law in California. A variety of factors have to be considered and satisfied to win an injury case involving another person’s property. The most familiar dangerous premises cases are often ‘slip and falls’ or ‘trip and falls’, but it’s important to note that an unsafe situation can be presented in a variety of different locations. Private homeowners, business owners, and government officials owe a reasonable duty of safety to the general public. Listed below are a few common types of premises liability cases that can occur in California.

Common Premises Liability Cases

• Accidents at a Construction Site
• Swimming Pool Injuries
• Broken Glass
• Elevator Malfunctions
• Daycare Injuries
• Slip and Falls
• Trip and Falls
• Injuries on Public or Private Properties
• Building Code Violations
• Collapsing Balconies
• Parking Lot Accidents

Determining Liability on Dangerous Premises

In many cases, dangerous premises liability rests with the property owner, however, depending upon the case, a business manager or tenant might also be found liable. In order for a dangerous premises injury case to be successful, a few conditions need to be satisfied. An attorney will need to prove that a dangerous condition existed, the property owners knew about it and didn’t fix it, adequate warnings weren’t provided and that the particular dangerous condition in question caused the injury.

When to Call a Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured on somebody else’s property, you should contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Following up with official reports, preserving evidence and tracking down information will be time-sensitive priorities in this type of case. An unscrupulous property owner might try to quickly sweep evidence under the rug to avoid being held liable for injuries. Additionally, since most properties and businesses are insured, victims will often have to deal with their insurance companies. It’s an unfortunate fact that insurance companies are more often looking after their own bottom line than a victim’s rights.

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