Who Is the Best Car Accident Attorney in California?Who Is the Best Car Accident Attorney in California?

If you were recently hurt in a motor vehicle collision, your financial security may be in jeopardy. Not only do most car accident victims face mounting medical bills, but many also have to contend with weeks—or months—of missed work while they recover.

With so much at stake, you’re probably hoping to find the best car accident lawyer in California to take your case. Much like other industries, though, identifying the “best” professionals in the legal field is ultimately subjective.

Is the best attorney the one who has secured the single largest settlement among all car accident claims? Or the one who’s recovered the greatest sum of settlements and verdicts combined? What about the one who’s taken the most cases to trial? Or maybe it’s the one who’s such a shrewd negotiator that he’s settled every claim and therefore never been to trial?

When you pit lawyers against one another, it quickly becomes clear how identifying the single “best” one is virtually impossible. You can, however, evaluate a number of factors to determine which attorney is best suited to take your case.


Let’s take a look at such factors below:

    1. Relevant Experience

Not all personal injury attorneys are equipped to represent car accident victims—and not all car accident attorneys may be equipped to represent you. If you were struck by a drunk driver, for example, a firm that focuses primarily on distracted driving-related wrecks may not be all that useful. Likewise, proving liability for a large truck crash calls for different kinds of evidence than demonstrating fault for a pedestrian accident.

As such, it’s important to find a lawyer who has handled claims similar to yours. During your initial consultation, ask how much of the firm’s casework regards scenarios like your own.


    1. A Track Record of Success

You want an attorney who has a history of securing sizable settlements and verdicts for clients. While there’s no foolproof way to guarantee any given claim will yield a payout, an experienced lawyer will know what it takes to maximize your potential recovery.


    1. Trial Experience

Although most car accident claims are settled, a small percentage do end up before a judge. If the claims adjuster refuses to offer a fair settlement—or to acknowledge liability at all—you may have no choice but to file a formal lawsuit.

Should this happen, you’ll want a strategic car accident lawyer by your side every step of the way. A seasoned trial attorney will prepare you for the proceedings and help you gather the evidence needed to seek a favorable verdict.


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