Why It’s So Important to Visit a Doctor After a Car AccidentWhy It’s So Important to Visit a Doctor After a Car Accident

If you were recently involved in a car accident but you were able to walk away from the scene, going to the doctor probably isn’t a priority. There’s always a lot to do in the wake of a wreck, after all, and taking even more time out of your day to see a physician can be a hassle.

If there’s even a chance that you were hurt, though—in other words, if the collision was anything more than a minor fender bender—you should undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons why:


    1. To Protect Your Health & Wellbeing

Just because you felt relatively fine following the accident doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need medical attention. Forceful impacts can cause a host of injuries that don’t manifest any symptoms for hours, days, or even weeks. Examples include whiplash, internal bleeding, and brain damage.

Unfortunately, even though such injuries aren’t always immediately apparent, serious—and sometimes life-threatening—complications can arise if they’re not addressed right away. By visiting a doctor within a day or two of the wreck, you can ensure the prompt treatment of all your injuries, including those that might have latent symptoms.


    1. To Demonstrate a Commitment to Mitigating Damages

In order to pursue the maximum payout possible, you’ll have to show the claims adjuster that you took reasonable measures to mitigate damages. This starts with seeking care immediately following the car accident.

If you postpone treatment and suffer complications as a result, you could be deemed partially liable for the severity of your damages. Under California’s pure comparative fault rule, this would reduce the total compensation to which you’re entitled accordingly.

Once you do start treatment, make sure to follow your doctor’s orders. This is another critical component of mitigating damages.


    1. To Start a Paper Trail

Most successful personal injury claims are founded on four essential elements: a duty of care, a breach of duty, causation, and damages. In order to prove the third element, or causation, you must demonstrate a direct link between the opposing party’s negligence and the injuries you sustained.

The longer you put off seeing a doctor, the more likely the claims adjuster will challenge causation. If you wait weeks—or even months—to seek care, for example, it will be virtually impossible to link your condition directly to the accident in question. This, in turn, will make it incredibly hard to secure any compensation whatsoever.


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