Woman Lying on Oceanside Beach Killed by Tractor

Monday morning, a woman was killed by a tractor on a beach near South Oceanside Harbor.

The city of Oceanside was in the process of a routine dredging project that takes place every couple of years. Heavy machinery was being used in the area. The tractor involved in the incident was moving pipes to an equipment area to eventually be hauled away.

The driver of the 50,000-pound tractor reports to have been backing into a safety zone when he accidentally and tragically ran over the woman, lying on the sand. Shaken, the driver ran to the woman after the incident, claiming he had not seen her while operating the tractor. Local police were notified and called to the scene.

The woman, who had been lying on the beach fully clothed and not in a bathing suit, has not been identified yet by police and the incident is under investigation. The woman had no form of identification on her and is believed to have been sleeping at the time of the accident.

A stretch of shoreline surrounding the area of the accident is closed off to the public as authorities work to investigate the incident.

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Source: NBC San Diego

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