Back in 2013, workers were hit and killed by the Bay Area Rapid Transit train, also known as BART. This train service carries thousands of people daily throughout the bay area, it even goes under water. The family of one of the fallen workers sued BART for wrongful death, and they’ve come to a settlement of $300,000. The workers were measuring one part of the track between Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill when the trainee, who was driving the train, failed to hit the emergency brake in time. Unfortunately, the trainee’s supervisor had been negligent and sending text messages rather than watching over the trainee.

Apparently, the National Transportation Safety Board created a procedure called, ‘simple approval’ for these workers to follow when accessing the track. The East Bay Times stated that, “The procedure allowed workers to operate within a certain distance of the track and made workers responsible for their own safety. Under the procedure, the workers should have designated a member of their team to watch for passing trains.” These workers were not following this policy that day, and did not have a designated member watching for passing trains. BART implemented a new policy, ‘work area clearance,’ which prevents trains from entering in the areas of the working employees. Thankfully, BART has invested about 4 million dollars in creating safety barriers for their employees.

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