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You need an attorney who is an in local and state laws. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., our local Covina attorneys focus on knowing California laws and the way your insurance company handles cases. Whether you’re facing car accident injuries or a slip and fall injury, you shouldn’t have to fight your insurance battles alone. After all, your insurance company is a for-profit enterprise. Their own bottom line is at stake. Why would they pay you a dime more than they must?  Harris Personal Injury lawyers have recovered more than $300 million in damages for our California clientsWe treat each client with care and respect.  When you call, you’ll have an accessible personal injury attorney at your side promptly. We offer a free initial consultation, so you will get your questions answered in a professional manner.

Common Accident Cases in Covina:

Though enjoying a smaller-town feel, our Covina clients still deal with a large variety of big city personal injury accidents often in the commuter-related categories such as:

  • Car accident claims - That LA commute is hectic and dangerous! Put Harris Personal Injury Lawyers in your cell phone contact list today. We will contact your insurance company for you in case of a car accident,  and will fight aggressively for the coverage you deserve.
  • Motorcycle accident claims - Busy traffic and distracted drivers are your greatest liabilities.  Motorcycle accidents due to a careless or inattentive driver are a leading cause of severe spine injuries or brain trauma. Our experienced Covina motorcycle accident attorneys will work swiftly to provide the help you or your loved one desperately needs.
  • Truck accident claims - The severity of injuries caused by a heavy truck accident can change your life forever. Perhaps your family may even be fighting a wrongful death claim due to a truck accident.  Your local Covina truck accident lawyer won’t settle for less than the help that you and your family need to move forward with your life.
  • Bus accident claims - If you read The Pasadena Star-News,  you’ll know the region has its share of bus accidents.  Don’t let your bus accident claim get ignored! You should be fairly compensated for injuries due to an accident that is not your fault.
  • Lyft and Uber Accident claims - Due to the growing popularity of these commuter options around the Los Angeles County area, you may face an unusual accident claim. Harris Personal Injury lawyers know how to handle these possibly complex cases -- relieving you of the stress of trying to settle with insurance on your own.
  • Train and airplane accident claims - Taking the Covina train to Los Angeles is a popular option as well as flying for business or pleasure trips.  Naturally, fighting a major corporation for optimum accident claim coverage requires an experienced personal injury attorney.
  • Pedestrian accident claims - Distracted or aggressive drivers put pedestrians at risk, especially on busy city streets. No matter the circumstances of your pedestrian accident claim, Harris Personal Injury lawyers are prepared to help you.
  • Boating accident claims - In Southern California, boating season is enjoyed practically year-round. Unfortunately, boating and alcohol are a deadly combination. According to California State Park’s Division of Boating and Waterways,  almost 600 boating accidents causing almost $4 million in property damage occurred in 2016. In those accidents, nearly 300 people were injured. Your Covina boating accident attorneys are here to help!
  • Bicycle accident claims - Sharing the road does not come naturally to some drivers. You may be facing bike accident injuries with the guilty driver unwilling to admit fault. Your Covina personal injury lawyer will interview bystanders and subpoena expert witnesses, providing the aggressive help you need to pay for your medical expenses, loss of work time, and more.
  • Turo and Scooter claims - Bird Scooter accidents are on the rise  and pose serious insurance claim issues.  Or, perhaps you’ve been injured by a Turo vehicle driver.  Even in unique scenarios, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers has an attorney qualified to fight for your specific case.

Personal Injuries Frequently Occur on Personal or Commercial Properties

Proving guilt is one difficulty you face. No matter the type of injury, your local Covina personal injury attorneys will fight for your best possible outcome.  Suffering from a dog bite injury? Irresponsible pet owners can be held liable for dog bite injury claims with the proper legal help. Slip and fall injury claims due to a business owner’s negligence include cracked, uneven sidewalks, unattended spills, or even broken equipment  -- often challenging claims to prove along with other premises liability claims.

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