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Huntington Beach residents enjoy an active lifestyle, which includes traveling to places throughout Southern California and across the state.The train is a popular way to reach a variety of destinations. While considered relatively safe, passengers need to be aware of the risks. Train accidents are more common than most people think and can leave you suffering potentially serious injuries. When these occur, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. helps you get the compensation you are entitled to in a claim.

As experienced Huntington Beach train accident attorneys, we provide the aggressive legal representation you need to protect your rights when dealing with train companies. Our top case results reveal settlements and jury awards worth millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help in your case. To request a free consultation, contact 1-800-GO-HARRIS today.

Cases Our Huntington Beach Train Accident Attorneys Represent

For residents of Huntington Beach, the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) offers convenient connection services to rail lines serving Los Angeles and San Diego counties.  

For longer trips, including the Surfliner train which offers scenic views as it travels up and down the California coast, there are scheduled routes to Amtrak stations in Santa Ana, Irvine and Anaheim. This provides a convenient and cost-effective option for those who prefer not to drive or do not have a vehicle. 

Unfortunately, a quick search of local headlines reveals that train accidents happen on a regular basis. These reports generally fail to include more minor mishaps that can still result in serious personal injuries. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we represent victims and their families in these situations. Common types of cases our Huntington Beach train accident attorneys handle include:

  • Train crashes involving collisions with fixed objects or other vehicle; 
  • Train accidents caused by jumping the rails; 
  • Accidents that happen during the boarding or unloading process; 
  • On board mishaps, such as being thrown from your seat or struck by objects; 
  • Slips, falls, and other accidents that can happen at train stations; 
  • Train accidents impacting bicyclists and pedestrians.

Who Can Be Held Responsible When Train Accidents Happen? 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), close to 1,500 major train accidents are reported each year. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our Huntington Beach train accident attorneys investigate these on behalf of injured clients. We determine how a train accident occurred and who can be held responsible in a claim. This includes:

  • Train conductors and engineers, who may have engaged in reckless behaviors such as speeding, disregarding signals, and operating the train while distracted or under the influence; 
  • Train signal operators and other support staff, who may have made errors in judgment or failed to perform vital tasks required by their job; 
  • Train attendants and train station support staff, who may have failed to take the necessary actions to ensure passenger safety; 
  • Train companies, who may have acted recklessly in regards to matters such as scheduling, failure to properly maintain trains or tracks, and not vetting employees; 
  • Train manufacturers and suppliers, who may be held responsible when train accidents happen due to defective parts or engines. 

How Do I File A Train Accident Claim?

When train accidents happen due to the reckless and negligent actions of others, you are entitled to compensation for injuries you suffer as a result. In this situation, it is important to realize that train companies have teams of attorneys on their side ready to defend them against passenger claims. To ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to, get our legal team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers on yours.

As experienced Huntington Beach train accident attorneys, we can guide you in the options available. You may be entitled to file a claim through the train company’s insurer. However, be aware that these insurers operate a for-profit business. To protect themselves and their clients, they may attempt to either deny or downplay your claim.

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we can negotiate with the train company and their insurers on your behalf. In the event a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, we can guide you in filing a lawsuit against them. Under the California Civil Code, damages you may be entitled to in this type of claim include:

  • Economic damages, which cover actual costs you incur, including current and future lost wages and medical expenses; 
  • Non-economic damages, which compensate you for pain, suffering, and any loss of enjoyment in life you experience due to lasting disabilities; 
  • Punitive damages, which is an additional amount meant to punish the train company for actions that were particularly willful and negligent.

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When dealing with train companies and their insurers, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers acts as a strong legal advocate on your side. To ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to, call 1-800-GO-HARRIS or contact our Huntington Beach train accident attorneys online and request a free consultation today.

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