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Why Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer in El Segundo?

Does a recent car crash injury or slip and fall accident pain have you searching for a reputable El Segundo personal injury lawyer? You’re worried about the lost time at work and the growing piles of medical bills. What if your insurance settlement offer won’t be enough? You’re right to wonder. After all, insurance companies must protect their own bottom line. What is a routine accident claim to them, however, is your personal nightmare.

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., we know accident injuries wreak havoc on your daily life. You’re not just a routine accident claim to us.

Due to the focused attention of our El Segundo personal injury attorneys, our clients have received more than $300 million in damages for their injuries! Before you accept your insurance settlement offer, call us! Our legal department is available by phone 24/7. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you.  Worried that you can’t afford us? We don’t get paid until YOU do!

Here Are Some of the Injury Claims We Can Help You With:

  • Car accident claims: With the regular beach traffic between LA and El Segundo, one careless motorist might change your life forever. Our car accident attorneys in El Segundo assist you in getting your life back.
  • Motorcycle accident claims: Motorcycle accidents often cause catastrophic injuries or even a wrongful death suit! Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in El Segundo give you personalized legal help in your time of need.
  • Truck accident claims: Heavy tons of steel in a semi-truck crash frequently result in severe injuries including spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.  You need a El Segundo truck accident attorney to fairly evaluate and fight for your needed compensation. We’ll even help facilitate your medical providers as needed!
  • Boating accident claims: Did your beautiful day on the boat get ruined due to injuries caused by a drunk or careless boater? To relieve your stress and help you recover, our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers gather the evidence and fight for your boat accident injury compensation.
  • Bus accident claims: Whether you’re struck by a bus or injured in a bus crash accident, our experienced bus accident attorneys in El Segundo will negotiate to your advantage with the big corporation’s insurance company.
  • Bicycle accident claims: Hit and run accidents are not uncommon when a cyclist is injured. Whatever the scenario, we’ll gather the evidence, subpoena witnesses, and fight for your just compensation. Call our prompt El Segundo bicycle accident attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers today.
  • Pedestrian accident claims: Injured while walking around downtown El Segundo or to the nearby beaches? Distracted drivers are high on the guilty list for pedestrian injuries. Our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will help you get the financial compensation needed for your best recovery and future.
  • Scooter accident claims: Bird scooters and LimeBikes have recently arrived in El Segundo! Nearby cities have reported over 100 scooter-related accidents. Call our El Segundo electric scooter accident attorneys if you’re injured on or by a Bird scooter or LimeBike.
  • Train accident claims: Riding Metro light rail or Amtrak? Infrequent train accidents are frightening and complicated. Our experienced train accident injury lawyers in El Segundo relieve your stress by handling your complex train injury claims while you focus on recovery.
  • Airline accident claims: With major local airports such as LAX and the nearby aerospace industry, airlines stay busy! Keep our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers on hand in case you’re injured in an airplane crash accident.
  • Uber and Lyft accident claims: If you’re injured by an out of town Lyft or Uber driver, you need professional claims help from our El Segundo Uber and Lyft injuries attorneys.
  • Turo accident claims: Was your car accident injury was caused by a Turo driver? If you’re caught in between two battling insurance companies, contact our legal staff in El Segundo. Our Turo injury lawyers sort through the confusion and work for your best legal compensation.
  • Dog bite accident claims: While dogs are not allowed on many Santa Monica area beaches, leashed dogs on boardwalk areas are. If you’re injured in a dog bite accident due to a negligent dog owner, medical expenses, trips to the doctor, and time off from work should be the dog owner’s responsibility. Call our El Segundo dog bite injury attorneys for help today.
  • Premises liability claims are often due to a slip and fall accident! When a business or property owner fails to maintain safe premises, you shouldn’t have to foot the bill. Injuries as a result of poor lighting, cracked, uneven pavement, or even broken hand railing are potential cases for a slip and fall injury claim.  Our slip and fall accident injury attorneys in El Segundo fairly evaluate your case and then fight for your maximum financial compensation.

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