Cerritos Brain Injury Attorneys

Cerritos Brain Injury Attorneys

The brain is a complex organ. It is responsible for your memory, emotions, and personality, as well as important physical body functions. Even a slight bump or blow to the head can result in disruptions of the brain’s neural pathways, resulting in potentially permanent disabilities. When brain injuries occur as a result of accidents Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc acts as a strong advocate on your side, helping you get the compensation you are entitled to in a claim. As experienced Cerritos brain injury attorneys, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help victims and their families. Our top case results show our success in helping clients obtain millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards. To find out how we can help in your case, contact 1-800-GO-HARRIS to request a free consultation today.

Our Cerritos Brain Injury Attorneys Protect Your Rights In A Claim

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are one of the most common types of personal injuries and a leading cause of death and disability in California. According to statistics from the state Department of Health (CDPH), more than 8,000 cases of TBI occur throughout Los Angeles County alone each year. Accidents are the leading factor to blame. When brain injuries in Cerritos impact you or a loved one, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers protect your rights in filing a claim. Among the most common causes in cases our Cerritos brain injury attorneys represent include:

  • Car accidents;
  • Motorcycle accidents;
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents;
  • Truck accidents;
  • Accidents involving buses, trains, and other types of public transit;
  • Accidents that occur on another’s property, such as slips, falls, and getting struck by objects;
  • Accidents that occur while engaged in sports and recreational activities.

What Happens When A Brain Injury Occurs?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that a brain injury can happen any time there is a bump, blow, jolt, or sudden shaking of the head. They are common in cases involving injuries such as whiplash or concussion. The blow or jolt suffered can cause the brain to slam into the skull, disrupting the brain’s normal functioning. Depending on the severity, symptoms may include:

  • Severe headaches;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Dizziness and loss of balance;
  • Problems with memory and recollection of details surrounding the accident;
  • Difficulty communicating and understanding what is being said;
  • Increased depression, anxiety, anger, or fits of rage.
  • Excessive tiredness and difficulty waking up from sleep;
  • Possible seizures and loss of consciousness.

These symptoms may not appear for hours, days, or even weeks after an accident. To avoid potentially life-threatening complications, our Cerritos brain injury attorneys urge you to seek medical care immediately anytime a bump or blow to the head is suspected.

What Are My Rights In Filing A Brain Injury Claim?

While the causes of brain injuries are often attributed to accidents, the fact is they generally occur due to the reckless actions of others involved. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our legal team can guide you in your options in filing a claim. If your injuries occurred on another’s property or as a result of a motor vehicle accident, an insurance policy may be in place to cover your costs. Dealing with these companies can be time-consuming and confusing though. In too many cases, insurers deny coverage or underestimate the total amount you need to recover. As experienced Cerritos brain injury attorneys, we aggressively negotiate with insurance representatives on your behalf. If a policy is not available or a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, we can guide you in filing a personal injury lawsuit.

How Much Am I Entitled To In A Brain Injury Lawsuit?

Brain injuries can leave you with lasting impairments that impact your ability to work or provide for yourself. Meanwhile, ongoing medical expenses can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. While each case is different, our Cerritos brain injury attorneys are dedicated to ensuring you get the maximum amount you need to recover in your claim. Under the California Civil Code, those whose negligent actions were responsible for your injuries can be held accountable through a personal injury lawsuit. Damages you may be entitled to include:

  • Current medical expenses and any future costs you are likely to incur;
  • Lost wages and future losses in earnings or benefits due to lingering disabilities;
  • Compensation for the pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment in life your injuries cause;
  • Punitive damages, which is an additional amount the judge may order in cases where the at-fault party acted in a particularly willful and negligent manner.

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