Cerritos Dog Bite Attorneys

Cerritos Dog Bite Attorneys

Dogs are known to be loyal companions. Their owners often treat them as children and cherished members of their family. However, the fact is that they are animals and as such, are prone to acting aggressively at times and in certain situations. Serious dog bites can occur when owners overlook this fact and fail to take the proper precautions. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., we help you hold them accountable when dog bite injuries occur as a result. Our experienced Calabasas dog bite attorneys have decades worth of experience representing local residents in these types of cases. Our top case results show our success in obtaining settlements and jury awards worth millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, contact 1-800-GO-HARRIS to request a free consultation today.

Our Cerritos Dog Bite Attorneys Hold At Fault Dog Owners Accountable

Dogs are one of the most popular types of pets in our area. To maintain control of the situation and to protect the general public, the City of Cerritos has several policies regarding dog ownership in place. Dog owners are required to maintain a license for their animals and are only allowed to have three dogs on their premises. More than this and they are required to register as a kennel. They are also required to keep their dogs leashed and in control at all times, preventing them from running wild in the neighborhood. Dog owners who fail to follow these rules can be held accountable when their pet attacks others and causes serious injuries. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers provides the professional legal representation you need in this type of claim. Common types of injuries suffered by clients in cases our Cerritos dog bite attorneys handle include:

  • Damage to soft tissues, broken bones, and back or head injuries caused by being knocked down by dogs;
  • Torn muscles, deep cuts, and bruising due to trying to fight the dog off;
  • Puncture wounds caused by dog bites;
  • Severe lacerations, loss of limbs, and disfiguring injuries due to dog attacks.

Can I Sue A Dog Owner For Dog Bite Injuries?

Some states follow a ‘one free bite’ rule. This means that a dog owner cannot be held accountable for the first time a dog bites if they were unaware that the dog was aggressive and if they never previously bit a human in the past. This is not the case in our area. Under Section 3342 of the California Code, a dog owner can be held legally liable for injuries others suffer as a result of dog bites or attacks, regardless of whether there was any warning or prior incident. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our Cerritos dog bite attorneys can guide victims in getting the compensation they deserve in the following types of situations:

  • When owners allow their dogs to run unleashed in neighborhoods, apartment complexes, or public parks;
  • When dogs are not kept under control on sidewalks or when visiting stores, restaurants, and other public places;
  • When owners allow their dogs to escape from fenced areas or dog runs;
  • When signs are not posted on property notifying visitors that a dog is on the premises.

How Much Am I Entitled To In A Dog Bite Claim?

Dog bites can cause extensive injuries that require ongoing treatment and often leave lasting physical scars. Additionally, the idea that a dog’s saliva is more sanitary than a human's is a myth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that dog bites can transmit a variety of potentially deadly diseases, including tetanus, rabies, and staph infections. Along with the physical harm you suffer, dog bite victims often experience emotional trauma that can end up haunting them for the rest of their lives. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we help you get compensation for your losses through a dog bite claim. Depending on the situation, the dog owner may be covered through an insurance policy. Our legal team can negotiate on your behalf with insurance representatives, helping to ensure you get the maximum amount you are entitled to. If insurance is not available or your injuries are severe, we can guide you in filing a dog bite lawsuit. Damages you may be entitled to include:

  • Current medical expenses and costs associated with future treatments you are likely to require;
  • Lost wages and future losses in income or benefits due to permanent disabilities;
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering you endured and the loss of enjoyment in life you experience as a result of your dog bite injuries.

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