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Merced Brain Injury Attorneys

Merced Brain Injury Attorneys

Brain injuries happen due to a variety of causes. As one of the most common and serious types of personal injury, brain injuries can impact every area of your life and may result in permanent disabilities.  At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., we act as a strong legal advocate on the side of brain injury victims, helping them to get the compensation they are entitled to in a claim. As experienced Merced brain injury attorneys, you can count on us to provide the aggressive legal representation needed to hold those responsible for your injuries accountable. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help in your case and our top case results show settlements and jury awards worth millions of dollars. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS and request a free consultation today.

Our Merced Brain Injury Attorneys Are Here To Help In Your Case

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It provides life-sustaining support for important bodily functions and controls your vision, hearing, memory, ability to communicate, and other vital cognitive abilities. Any disruptions in the neural pathways in the brain can cause potentially life complications and permanent impairments. Unfortunately, brain injuries in Merced are a common occurrence. According to statistics from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), they impact close to 2,000 residents each year. When brain injuries happen as a result of accidents in which the reckless actions of others are to blame, our Merced brain injury attorneys hold those at fault accountable. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we represent clients who suffer brain injuries in the following types of cases:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents;
  • Accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians;
  • Slip and fall accidents;
  • Accidents in which victims are struck by or against objects;
  • Accidents causes by dangerous or defective products;
  • Sports and recreational accidents;
  • Incidents involving acts of violence, including domestic abuse.

What Are Common Effects of Brain Injuries?

Any type of bump, blow, or jolt to the head or a lack of oxygen can result in brain injuries. Even if you suffer no immediate symptoms, it is important to get medical attention immediately if a brain injury is suspected. While actual signs of a brain injury can take days or even weeks to appear, these injuries can be life threatening and often result in long term disabilities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that immediate symptoms of a brain injury are likely to include loss of consciousness, confusion in the victim, lack of memory about the accident, blurred vision, and problems in walking or maintaining balance. Long term impacts that could occur as a result include:

  • Physical impacts, such as loss of body control and movement;
  • Cognitive impacts, such as an ability to process thoughts or remember names and faces;
  • Communication impacts, affecting your ability to convey your thoughts to others or to understand what is being sad;
  • Sensory impacts, leading to loss of vision, hearing, or taste;
  • Emotional impacts, resulting in personality changes, depression, and fits of rage.

When brain injuries affect you or someone you love, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are here to help. While you focus on your recovery, our experienced Merced brain injury attorneys focus on getting you the compensation you deserve in a claim.

How Do I File A Brain Injury Claim?

Depending on how your brain injury happened, you may be able to file an insurance claim against those responsible. At Harris Personal Injury Attorneys, our legal team aggressively negotiates with insurers on your behalf, helping you get the maximum amount you are entitled to in any settlements. In cases where insurance is unavailable or a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, our Merced brain injury attorneys can guide you in filing a civil lawsuit against those at fault. Damages you may be entitled to under the California Civil Code include:

  • Economic damages: These cover actual costs, such as your medical expenses and lost wages. They also cover any future costs you are likely to incur in the event you require ongoing medical care or suffer permanent disabilities.
  • Non-economic damages: These cover intangible costs. They include pain, suffering, mental anguish, and any loss enjoyment in life you experience as a result of your brain injuries.
  • Punitive damages: This is an additional amount the judge may order the at-fault party to pay. It serves as punishment for particularly willful and negligence conduct, discouraging others from engaging in the same type of behavior.

It is important to note that our Merced brain injury attorneys typically work on a contingency basis. This means you pay no attorney fees unless we get money for you.

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At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC., we act as a strong ally on the side of brain injury victims. To find out how we can help you, call 1-800-GO-HARRIS or contact our Merced brain injury attorney online and request a free consultation today.