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Our injured clients in Glendale often come to us confused and scared about their rights as a victim of negligence. We are located in the heart of Santa Monica to be convenient for those injured victims in the Los Angeles community. Many of our clients are suffering car accident injuries due to the negligence of another. We do understand the stress that is involved when dealing with aggressive insurance adjusters and locating Glendale Medical providers willing to treat your injuries.  Harris Personal Injury Lawyers have helped countless injured clients to a successful resolution in the Glendale area.

The Compensation You Deserve

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers have a team of experienced trial lawyers who are here to help all Glendale accident victims. One who is involved in a Glendale accident is often faced with many burdens, such as their physical injury and pain, stress on their family, overwhelming conversations with insurance companies, and financial burdens associated with missing work because of the injury. Our Glendale injury lawyers are here to remove these burdens entirely. We connect all accident victims to the top Glendale medical providers and ensure the client peace of mind during the whole recovery process.

Personal Injury Attorneys Who Care

Our Glendale injury victims are raised in the Los Angeles area and we take pride in assisting them in our community. As a successful personal injury law firm, we give every client the appropriate amount of attention and ensure that they are receiving compassion and care during a tough time. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers has an entire staff ready to give the client constant communication, therefore, there is trust and we do not make any decisions without our client’s approval.

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers charge no upfront fees and is owed nothing unless we win your case. If you have been injured, call our Santa Monica law office today to schedule a free case consultation.

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